Let's Discuss - Is Odumeje A True Anointed Man Of God Or An End Time Pastor?

Do You Think Pastor Odumeje Is A God Sent Or An End Time Pastor?
As we promised you guys of more hot controversial posts and all that this year, well I guess we’d be starting with southeast celebrity clergyman, Odumeje.
The self-acclaimed lion himself and the pioneer of ‘Mountain Holy Ghost Intervention Delivering Ministry’ whose real names are Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere Odumeje has spotted our diary and we think this is the best time to clear the air.
Firstly, let’s start with his kind of music; on our platform we have three of his songs ‘Alabasidi’, ‘Great Is My God’, and ‘Ebube Ya Kuzirim’. Honestly, those songs makes sense but coming from the lyrics it’s seems totally understandable with some vulg languages or maybe considered as cappings (cultists slangs).😉
From the observations we’ve made, 50% of people were in doubts if that could be coming from a man of God while the rest dances and enjoy the instrumentals 😀, with some shout-outs to hefty men (Made Men) which is supposed to be christened.
On the second aspects, his social life is so ungodly and as a pastor he’s meant to leave a good footprints for his congress knowing fully well that it doesn’t involves living a celebrity life, flirting with top movie actors & actresses, exchanging strange handshakes, showing off money and the rest. And such is not expected of a God sent pastor. I don’t know for you oh.
The glimpse of his grand entrance below;

In some video clips as seen on his Instagram page, He will be making some war-speeches like;👇🏽
“Your pastor dey do miracles”
“It’s not all about quoting bible and preaching the gospels”
“If you what we are doing is akinda sorcery, we cut off your head and put in it”
I would rather say, he knew he has haters. So he’d be doing those stuffs to get them more grievous. 😃
This act has framed and channel the whole congregation’s mindset to the things of the world the good life etc. And they have lost it to the means of SALVATION!.
Is it that he’s more like a musician?, because there’s no sign of God in his pastoral phase of life.
We should stop here, let’s not go further.


  1. I don't really know if his is real but I know he is an entertainer ��

    1. So in your words his an entertainer and not a man of God?