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It is not a crime for the young leaders of tomorrow to live a modern lifestyle,it is so important to understand that not everyone in a Benz is a fraudster meanwhile you government officials how will you handle a situation of losing a loved one brutally addressed,molested or assassinated by the same government officials who are meant to ensure their security?

Just few months ago my best friend brutally lost his life traveling to Enugu to visit his family just because he refused to open his phone which is rightfully his private property unless there is a clear warrant ordained but the court for investigation purpose.

It is really sad to know that I am from Cameroon resident in Lagos and I stand here today to testify I also had been a victim of this insane situation just because I was putting on piercings on my body is it what these people where sent to do in our streets?

I was feeling so bad about the situation happening in my country at the moment in the northern and southern parts of the country but was really touched when I saw the strength and energy filled in pain on the faces of my big brothers in the industry and also the young/old peace ambassador who massively came out to say a very big stop to SARS and the molesting of people by NPF just because of some few change.

I know that the officials know it is totally wrong and wasn't what was meant to happen to us.

I can't really say much but this is not just a song but a very big voice on behalf of the streets.

Meanwhile we don't have to forget it is a peaceful protest so stay wise my people and together we will survive this.

Long live the diaspora and all the hard working no young/old .



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